Friday, June 28, 2013

Video: 'The Bible - A Crash Course'

Check out this great video by Karen Beilharz summarising the Bible in 10 minutes!

Watch it here on Youtube.

Here are her notes:

A quick overview of what's in the Bible and where the different books fit in its storyline.

While watching, however, please bear in mind:

1. This is a summary and will therefore be leaving a lot out;

2. This is what I think the Bible is about; don't take my word for it but use this as a jumping off point.

Terms of use:

I'm really happy for Christians to use this in Bible study groups or other contexts in which you're studying the Bible and this would be a useful aid.

However, I do not want this video to be remixed or re-appropriated in any way; please use it as it is;

If you find this video useful or wish to give me any feedback, you can contact me at

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