Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why All Christians Should get Involved with their Campus Christian Group

Notes from a talk I gave at the CBM launch - March 17th 2011:

1. To get to know your brothers & sisters in Christ on campus – and on other campuses. The church is bigger than your local church! When we come into fellowship with God through Christ we come into fellowship with every other believer. You have an opportunity to experience and express that on campus. Meeting with other believers will help you develop a bigger understanding of the church. Your classmates will also be your future colleagues, and you will probably go through many challenges together.

2. To encourage others and to be encouraged to remain Christian - as you hit the dangerous age bracket (of 18-25) and as you go into the workplace. Both are dangerous times for people to fall away from Christ or to water down their faith.

3.  To grow in your knowledge of God and his Word – not just memory verses, but thinking through how God’s word applies to every area of your life at a University level (don’t be content with Sunday School understanding). Need to understand the big picture of the Bible. Need to know at least some answers to the common objections - especially if you are going to be a leader (which you will be expected to be).

 4.  To be trained in Ministry (ministry is service) – through courses and through serving. Expected to be leaders, especially in word ministries – Bible teaching / small group leading, following-up new Christians, apologetics, evangelism – all done with a servant heart. Not taking you away from your local church, but equipping you to go back and serve.

 5.  To reach the campus for Christ. Evangelism is rarely ‘easy’, but it is possibly easier at your age and stage of life. People are thinking about the big issues of life and have time to explore the answers. You can learn to “mission” together and support each other in your attempts at evangelism. We need every Christian to be involved in doing this to give every student a chance to hear the gospel – a chance they might never have again.

 6.  To reach the world for Christ. The world is bigger than just your campus! The gospel is for all people everywhere. Since you have been blessed with such great teaching and training you have a responsibility and an opportunity to impact the world! (When you look at the history of Christian mission and student ministry you see many inspiring examples!)

There is undoubtedly more that can be said, but I thought these were the key reasons. Anyone have any others?

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