Friday, January 28, 2011

Middle Eastern Christians in Australia looking for support as the Left fail to stand up to Muslim Aggression

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald (by Paul Sheehan, a secular writer) gives some interesting background and analysis of this important issue.

The number of Middle-Eastern Christians in Australia is less than the number of Muslims, but is comparable. This could become a significant voting block if Labour continues in the direction it is going.

The question to ponder is whether other Christians in Australia will see this as an important political issue - and add their voice to that of their Coptic, Macedonian and Assyrian brothers and sisters - I hope they do.

Certainly it seems odd to me that we are accepting significant numbers of Muslim 'refugees' from the Middle-East, when the Christian minorities are the ones being persecuted and are fleeing their countries by the hundreds of thousands.

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